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Near the capital of Ivory Coast and in the heart of "V baoulé", the Reserve of Fauna of Abokouamékro ( FRG) raises proudly its numerous tourist assets. These made for a long time of her, the destination was privileged by the tourists of Yamoussoukro in search of safari.

The reserve sheltered rhinoceros, buffaloes, bubales, antelopes, kobus kob, and the other numerous animal species. Initially called " Wildlife park of Abokouamékro ", it was created on the initiative of light President Félix Houphouët-Boigny, for the development of the tourism. Infrastructures were been organized in 1988 and in 1993, it became the Reserve of Fauna of Abokouamékro. FRG covers a total surface of 20 430 ha, among which 7 230 ha were fitted out for the tourist visits. After the development of the site, numerous animals resulting from National Parks of Ivory Coast and from South Africa were introduced there. These last years, their number was considerably reduced. However, the activities of the Ministry of the Tourism and the Small business srafts let glimpse certain hopes, with the implementation of the SODERTOUR Lakes. The Reserve constitutes one of the essential links of the tourist development of the Region of Lakes. With the travel.

The challenges of the development of the country also pass by the preservation and the protection of the biodiversity, for the property to be and the blooming of the future generations. This wealth which represents FRG must be so preserved at all costs.

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