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The Lake of caimans located at the entrance of the Residence of the first President Houphouët-Boigny, contains many caimans. It is an unavoidable touristic site in Yamoussoukro There are over 200 caimans and a few crocodiles and alligators in the lake.

The daily meal of these creatures living in the "alligators in Lake" is a real spectacle for the locals, but also for many foreign visitors.

Every evening around 17:00 takes place the "feast" of alligators. In front of onlookers the Honorable "old man" gives food to the animals. When called by their names, each one of them comes to snatch his share of meat before lying on the block of granite that emerges from the lake.
Then he goes down on the bank takes the tail of an animal and it simulates slicing it for the delight of tourists eager to snap unusual pictures. Sometimes a spectator comes with poultry. The song of birds attracts the caimans and only the strongest and fastest of them eat. The weak ones eat fishes, turtles and even lizards that live in the lakes.

The first crocodilians, mainly caimans, were offered to President Houphouët-Boigny by his friends, in 1967 President Modibo Kéita, former Malian head of State and Tsiranana from Madagascar. You will be offered the CFA with some outside that time slot to give these animals a chicken to get them out of the lake. By paying some few amount of money you may have the opportunity to give some chicken to the caimans and see them coming out of the lake.

Such an impressive and fast show!

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