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In 1997 to Yamoussoukro, the keys of the Foundation Félix Houphouët-Boigny for the Search for peace were put back to Mister Federico Mayor, General Secretary of the UNESCO. This project was the outcome of ten years of works orchestrated by the architect Olivier-Clément Cacoub, for a budget of 35 billion FCFA.

President Félix Houphouët-Boigny decided to give the Foundation of the international community and the institutions of search for peace generally, and in particular the UNESCO. The Foundation which carries its name, will try hard to contribute at the international level, in the research, in the protection, in the preservation and in the promotion of the peace in Africa and in the world.

The Foundation shelters amphitheaters, meeting rooms as well as lounges and offices to be able to welcome all the official and private meetings. it was at the origin of two official events of Unesco: international Congress on the peace in mind of the people in 1989, and the Declaration of Yamoussoukro for the Peace in 1997.

The Foundation for the Peace has probably the most beautiful meeting rooms of all the country. Not only beautiful, but also very comfortable and very well air-conditioned, in walls covered with carpets, with African and European wood.

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