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Who are we ?

Created by decree N° 2008-137 of 14 April 2008, the Company for the Development of Tourism in the Lakes Region, abbreviated SODERTOUR-LACS, aims at ensuring all services related to the promotion and the development of Tourism. This state-owned company operates especially will all state Resorts and Tourist sites located in the Lakes Region as well as with all other infrastructure related to the object of the company that may be assigned by the state.

This state company must also create, develop and operate Resorts and Tourist sites in Côte d'Ivoire or abroad, assigned on a contractual basis by the State or other natural or private legal persons.

Moreover, SODERTOUR-LACS supports the formulation and the implementation of policies, plans, programs and project for tourism development.

It provides assistance and technical advice to public services through the application of regulations related to tourism. Lastly, it organizes business tourism.

Our Infrastructures

To allow SODERTOUR-LACS to carry out its mission, the state of Côte d'Ivoire has made available a heritage of touristic complexes, sites and infrastructures which are:


Hôtel des Parlementaires