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The tourism is one of first branches of industry of the XXIth century and its importance will remain because the number of tourists worldwide does not stop and will not stop progressing. They were 80 millions in 1960, 300 millions in 1980 and 763 millions in 2004. According to the forecasts of OMT ( World Tourism Organization), they will be 1000 millions in 2010 and 1600 millions in 2020.

In front of this strong growth asks the question of certain fatal effects of the tourism on the local populations (in particular those of the countries of the South), on the environment and on the appointment of profits (which enrich especially the richest countries).

It is to fight against these fatal effects that various forms of tourism appeared.
The fair or united tourism which puts back a big part(party) of profits to the local populations (in particular those of the countries of the South). The responsible or ethical tourism which protects the human and natural environment. The long-lasting(sustainable) tourism which includes previous both notions and which aims at being one of tools in the service of the sustainable development.

SODERTOUR-Lacs in its vision recommends the adoption of the concept of "Sustainable development". It will be a question of reconciling the economic objectives of the tourist development (develop loyalty of the clientele in the various susceptible) with the preservation of the base of resources indispensable to its existence by taming the natural beauty of the fauna and the flora to make it accessible to the visitors while respecting the environmental resources.

The vision of SODERTOUR-Lacs thus joins in a dynamics which articulates modes of movements, production and consumption eco-responsible, while associating strictly the populations which live, work or stay in the space concerned in the tourist development project and in the socioeconomic fallout(effects), fairly distributed. This adoption of the concept of Sustainable development by the SODERTOUR-lacs will allow to stay in accordance with the objectives of the United Nations to reduce from 50 to 85 % greenhouse gas emissions before 2050 with the aim of limiting the global increase in temperature.