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Lake Kossou located 40 Kilometers away from the city of Yamoussoukro, was created in 1971 following the construction of the hydroelectric dam on the river Bandama in the Kossou sub-prefecture of Yamoussoukro. The reservoir of 30 billion cubic meters of water will form a lake of 150 kilometers long, covering 1700 km square kms of land. It will help in several areas:

The site offers a beautiful sight. A lake with incredibly peaceful features invites visitors at the entrance of the dam to a sumptuous ride, while silver laces of river Bandama are lost in blossoming vegetation. On the shores, fishermen in their boats that seem laid in the balance between sky and water, move on the lake. Rocks and top edges of dead trees swimming over the vast expanse of water, give the landscape a really melancholic beauty.

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